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"I don't know about you, but I find it very hard to keep track of all of my friends that meandered off to different ends of the globe after high school and college. I'm stoked for the chance to use FaithLink to keep in touch with all them -- and to introduce different groups of friends to each other even though they live in different states! This will definitely help me stay in the loop!"

-- Summer, 22

"I canít wait to get all my friends from every part of my life connected. Iím going to invite my old friends from camp and college so that it will be so much easier to stay in touch with people from afar."

-- Lisa, 22

"I canít wait to get all of my Christian friends connected on FaithLink. It will be so much easier to get a group together to go out for a beer on a Wednesday afternoon (ah, the life of a college senior) or to meet new people through friends of friends when I graduate from UCLA and move to . . . ehhem . . . wherever.  What a cool site."

-- Raziel, 21

"What an interesting concept - everyone should check FaithLink out.  Once we get our friends to invite their friends and so on, this will be an amazing source to meet new people and reconnect with old camp buddies."

-- Alex, 21

"The site will be great for finding people I have long since lost touch with from camp, Israel trips, Model Congress, etc. Its also great to expand my circles because quite honestly, my high school friends just aren't that much fun anymore and after college it is pretty easy to get into a rut. Plus, new friends don't know I got a hair piece!"

-- Adam, 26



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