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Connecting and reconnecting the Christian community online!


FaithLink is a new kind of online Christian community where members meet each other through networks of friends.  You can use FaithLink to:

  • Reconnect with old friends from your hometown, high school, or college

  • Keep in touch with your Christian friends around the world

  • Meet new people through friends of friends

  • Meet a date or find a match

  • Make new business connections

  • Help your friends meet new people

How does FaithLink work?

FaithLink makes it easy for you to expand your Christian network by connecting you through your friends to friends of friends of friends. You can use your network to find old friends you've lost track of, find someone to go cycling with, meet a match, or make a business connection.  By joining the network, you also help your friends who want to be better connected.


How do I use FaithLink?

Create a short profile about yourself, then invite your friends. You can view your friends' profiles, then click through to see their friends' profiles, etc. You can also easily search your network for people who share your hometown, alma mater, interests, or who live nearby.  You can use your Friends Board to keep in touch with your friends.


Is FaithLink only for dating?

Not at all. FaithLink is a great way to meet interesting new people for fun or business. Meet people from other cities.  Track down old college buddies. Find Christians in your area who snowboard. Whether you're looking for romance or not, FaithLink is an easy and fun way to make better use of your Christian network.


Should I join FaithLink if I'm not single?

Absolutely. FaithLink is about finding other Christians who share something in common. For example, it is a fun way for married couples to meet other Christian couples in their area. FaithLink is also a great way to help single friends expand their network of possibilities. 


How big can my network get?

It depends on how many people you and your friends invite, but your network can grow shockingly fast.  Our aim is to connect the whole Christian community!  Check out our Growth Calculator to see just how fast your network can grow.


Is every FaithLink member Christian?

Not necessarily.  While FaithLink focuses on helping members of the Christian community expand and use their Christian networks, FaithLink does not exclude others from membership.  And while the overwhelming majority of FaithLink members say that they are Christian, FaithLink has no way to verify that they really are.  Members should use commonsense caution on FaithLink or any online community.


How much does FaithLink cost to use?

During our initial "beta" period, membership and all services are free!   Even after our beta period, basic membership will be free.  You will be able to build your network, post/view profiles, and send QuickNote messages at no charge.  Premium services will be available for a modest subscription fee.


Ready to get started?

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